House Elevation Baton Rouge

House Elevation Baton Rouge

Home raising is actually a gentle process. Even though destroying the foundation damages your house, the rest of the building remains intact, and the structure is moved upward very slowly to avoid shaking the structure. The best part is, you won’t have to remove anything inside as your home is being elevated. The damage during house elevation in Baton Rouge is usually between none to little, but only when pros are involved. On average, you can expect minor drywall cracking. This is because while your home's frame tends to withstand movement, drywall is usually prone to cracks.

At Patterson Structural Moving & Shoring, we’re a trusted construction and shoring company with expertise in home elevation. Our team skillfully moves structures while preserving their beauty and integrity. With an impressive track record of lifting buildings safely, you can rely on us to ensure your home remains strong even after being raised.

Pros And Cons Of Home Elevation

Some of the benefits of lifting your house include:

Gives You More Space

You can get a new story just by raising your home, making it bigger. This is an excellent option if you don't have enough side space for expansion. Elevating your home can also allow you to create a basement if you don't have one. Having a basement or another story not only provides extra living space but also increases the value of your property.

Keeps Your Home Safe From Flooding

Lifting your home helps protect it and its content from most of the floods. When expert contractors lift homes and buildings, they considerably reduce the financial, emotional, and physical strain of flood risk.

Lowers Your Flood Insurance Premium

Flood insurance rates are influenced by the height of a structure in relation to the flood zone. Therefore, by raising your home's floor above the base flood elevation, you'll pay a lower insurance premium compared to a homeowner whose bottom floor is below the flood-water mark.


Some of the drawbacks of home elevation are:

It’s Expensive

Although raising a low-lying house is a smart thing to do, it isn't cheap. The process uses proven elevation methods and customized foundation systems to raise your home safely. House lifting also requires seasoned professionals to ensure the job is done right. These and other factors, such as the size of your structure, the type of foundation, and access, contribute to the high cost of home elevation.

Your Home Could Be Damaged

Even the slightest mistake can lead to costly losses. If you choose the wrong company, house lifting can cause extensive damage to your home, like twisted frames and severely cracked siding and walls.

Reliable, Efficient House Lifting Services

With Patterson Structural Moving & Shoring, we can lift virtually any house. No matter the size or height, we can move your house securely and safely. If you need house elevation in Baton Rouge, our shoring contractors utilize proven techniques to enable us to carefully lift your structure without damaging the exterior or interior. Call us to get a quote: 504-241-4500.


House Elevation Baton Rouge
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House Elevation Baton Rouge
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